HITS Theatre is dedicated to educating and inspiring our students while bringing high-quality performances and productions to the community. Each year, HITS continues to strategically advance our mission through improving the quality of our programs. Creating magical experiences for students has taken center stage for HITS. From the beginning of registration to the final production, our staff and artistic team dedicates themselves to deliver excellent service to students and parents. As we continue to grow, it's important to focus on enhancing our internal processes and technology is taking the spotlight.

On #GivingTuesday, Technology Takes the Spotlight! Join us in our campaign to upgrade and improve our current website, accounting, and registration systems. Serving over 1,000 students through programming, our goal is to raise $12,000 to transform current technology systems to increase accessibility and streamline processes and information. The technology update will allow us to create an inclusive environment of information for our parents, students, and the community.

Your gift will help us put the spotlight on helping youth realize their personal potential, build confidence, and develop valuable life skills. Together, we can shine the spotlight on the magic of HITS and take center stage on impacting the lives of our youth! Make a donation and make a difference!


Testimonial 12

“An excellent performance. As good as anything at the Hobby Center!”


Testimonial 11

“Really an enjoyable family evening. Looking forward to next year's performance.”


Testimonial 10

“I've paid $100 a seat to see shows that were not as good. And this one was free.”


Testimonial 9

“We all thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Great time to be together with family.”


Testimonial 8

“Completely ambitious, professional, and entertaining. Thank you!”



Testimonial 7

“A sense of pride at what he was able to accomplish, especially since he was asked to try something more challenging. He learned a great deal about himself. He met a wide range of people and made some important and lasting friends. His self-confidence received a tremendous boost.”


– Lynn

Testimonial 6

“Admission to several colleges. Making several good friends outside of her school environment. Being involved in a very positive learning and social atmosphere.”


– Linda

Testimonial 4

“The confidence she gained through the safe group dynamic and constant encouragement of directors, choreographers and cast mates has truly changed her life… Her experience with you heightened her self-expression and self-esteem, and gave her a voice, literally and figuratively.”


– Carrie

Testimonial 3

“She has gained a sense of confidence in her own abilities, as well as some knowledge of the importance of EACH person involved in a production. She has learned something about herself and what she would like to do with the skills she is beginning to acquire.”


– Margaret

Testimonial 2

“He has confidence, more discipline, a second home and a sense of belonging to something bigger than himself...”


– Jennifer

Testimonial 1

“HITS is a lifesaver for my child. It provides an outlet for her that is not possible at school or elsewhere.”


– Mary

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Theatre is an art form of collaboration. It takes artists, technicians, actors and individuals like you to bring HITS Theatre's work to the stage. Tuition only covers a fraction of HITS operating costs every year. Every donation helps to keep our theatre open.