Theatre Technique

Do you love performing, but want to expand your theatrical knowledge and skills? Or maybe performing is not your thing, but you love the theatre and want to explore other options. HITS is excited to offer technique classes that will allow students to build their theatrical skill set.


For students who dream of attending a high school with an art oriented curriculum, join us for our High School audition workshop. The audition requirements have changed this year for some schools and we have adjusted our program to make sure all the elements are covered. The class will meet as a group twice and include two, one-on-one coaching sessions with our resident teaching artists, a dance audition practice, and will end with a "mock audition" and feedback from an expert panel. The class is limited in size to 10 -12 students, so we can give quality help to all as they prepare their monologue material, make a song choice, and gain insight into the dance component for their upcoming high school auditions.

There is also an optional add-on voice component to the class. Students will work one-on-one with our music director to have their vocal range assessed and receive guidance in audition song selection. Students will then work with our vocal instructor for vocal lessons and work on their selected audition song. The add-on includes one 30-minute session with the music director and one and a half hours of private vocal lessons with the voice instructor that can be broken up into 30-minute or 60-minute sessions


The program schedule is as follows:

Friday, November 10 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Group Class #1 – Introduction to the audition process, selecting monologues and audition songs

Friday, December 8 6 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Group Class #2 – Monologue work, audition practice, and introduction to the dance audition

Friday, December 15 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.
Mock Audition Panel - Students will audition and receive feedback from a panel of experts. Parents may watch the process on this evening.

Two 45-minute individual monologue coaching sessions with class instructor. Sessions to be scheduled at times convenient for the student and the instructor from November 13 – December 14.


Vocal Lessons and Audition Song Coaching – Add On

30-minute session with the music director to assess vocal range and assist with audition song selection. 90-minutes of private lessons with our vocal instructor to work on selected audition songs. The vocal lessons can be broken up into three 30-minute sessions or one 30-minute and one 60-minute session. Individual sessions to be scheduled at times convenient for the student and the instructor from November 13 – December 14.