Our Philosophy

At HITS Theatre, we offer a creative and positive experience for all of our young actors. As such, we don’t require auditions for entry into our program. Instead, as a performance-based educational theatre, we try to make sure that each of our students has the opportunity to perform, regardless of ability or experience. At the end of each production, every young actor has earned a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of pride in their contribution to the performance.

With affirmations and a strong sense of ensemble leading the way in every class, our key goals are to serve our students' personal development and growth as both performers and individuals, while continuing to produce quality shows.

Our students inspire us. As educators and directors, we believe that every moment in our theatre space can be one of discovery, creation, and collaboration. Our exceptional teachers and staff are always looking for new ways to challenge our unique young artists. Every class presents an opportunity for our students to stretch their performance skills with the goal of helping them become not only better actors, but better people.

Support Hits

Theatre is an art form of collaboration. It takes artists, technicians, actors and individuals like you to bring HITS Theatre's work to the stage. Tuition only covers a fraction of HITS operating costs every year. Every donation helps to keep our theatre open.