What people say about us

How can your child benefit from being in a HITS class? Here’s what parents have to say:

“HITS is a lifesaver for my child. It provides an outlet for her that is not possible at school or elsewhere.” – Mary

“He has confidence, more discipline, a second home and a sense of belonging to something bigger than himself...” – Jennifer

“She has gained a sense of confidence in her own abilities, as well as some knowledge of the importance of EACH person involved in a production. She has learned something about herself and what she would like to do with the skills she is beginning to acquire.” – Margaret

“The confidence she gained through the safe group dynamic and constant encouragement of directors, choreographers and cast mates has truly changed her life… Her experience with you heightened her self-expression and self-esteem, and gave her a voice, literally and figuratively.” – Carrie

“Prior to HITS, his grades were mediocre and he was a couch potato. [He] is an extremely intelligent young man but he lacked motivation. He went to HITS as a result of me requiring that he find something to get involved in. I couldn’t afford it but I felt like he was not living up to his maximum potential. Upon registering for the class, I discovered that HITS offered financial aid. We applied and were approved. Since joining HITS, he has begun taking AP and pre-AP classes. He is maintaining a strong B average and working toward A’s. He loves HITS. I’m watching my son set and achieve goals daily. I’m so proud of him.” – Taya

“Admission to several colleges. Making several good friends outside of her school environment. Being involved in a very positive learning and social atmosphere.” – Linda

“A sense of pride at what he was able to accomplish, especially since he was asked to try something more challenging. He learned a great deal about himself. He met a wide range of people and made some important and lasting friends. His self-confidence received a tremendous boost.” – Lynn

“We have been going to HITS for 3 years and wish we had done it sooner with our older kids. I never cease to amaze at how fabulous their children's productions are. How they get children of all ages and with varied experience to perform at such a high level is impressive and a testament to the faculty's talents and ability to work with children. My daughter has gained much confidence from her work at HITS. It’s a great place for kids.” – Maria

What do audience members have to say about a HITS performance at Miller Outdoor Theatre?

“I've paid $100 a seat to see shows that were not as good. And this one was free.”

“An amazing performance, hard to believe it was done by students, it made me forget it was performed by students, I thought at moments it was a Broadway production.”

“I was absolutely blown away by the performance and couldn't believe that I had never seen a HITS show at Miller before! It was as good or better than any performance that I have seen at the Hobby Center.”

“The production was phenomenal! It was wonderful. They were so talented and no doubt everyone who attended was impressed and satisfied with the evening.”

“The performance was fantastic over-all. The talent from the younger kids to the older kids was amazing. The set changes were creative and clever.”

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